Wednesday 23 May 2018

16 thugs held following massive pre-arranged brawl on Dublin street

The intersection of Ballinteer Avenue and Brehonfield Road where the two gangs clashed ahead of the concert in Marlay Park. Photo: Doug.ie
The intersection of Ballinteer Avenue and Brehonfield Road where the two gangs clashed ahead of the concert in Marlay Park. Photo: Doug.ie

Sixteen people were arrested following a massive pre-arranged brawl between up to 100 thugs on a south Dublin street.

The fight, which was arranged on social media, took place in Ballinteer.

Smoke bombs, fireworks and flares were used as missiles during the violence.

The pitched battle - which allegedly involved some supporters of one League of Ireland soccer club as well as Belfast's Linfield FC - took place in Ballinteer at 7.30pm on Saturday.

Gardai confirmed 16 males - aged up to 19 - were arrested following the violence.

Such was the number involved that gardai - who were already concentrating on the Stones Roses concert taking place in nearby Marlay Park - had to quell the violence with the dog unit, mounted unit and public order unit.

The terrifying mass brawl took place at Brehon Field road and carried on into Ballinteer Avenue.


Four garda vans, five gardai on bikes, two on horses, two on bicycles and four on foot were all involved in the "robust policing response".

It saw 16 youths arrested for public order offences.

They were later released without charge.

However, the fighting didn't stop then, with one man attacked by youths on two separate occasions outside a petrol station.

The man, in his mid-30s, received blows to the head and body in the attack by two males.

The thugs moved back, but returned seconds later with another two people alongside them.

The injured man was eventually able to take cover in the petrol station, where he received treatment from staff for a wound below his eye.

At one stage, 10 terrified customers had to lock themselves into the station with staff in order to avoid the clashes.

A staff member told the Herald that while the area had been extremely busy throughout the day ahead of the concert, there was a very relaxed atmosphere until the melee broke out.

He said staff had seen white smoke at the end of the road and went out to check what was going on, before seeing an number of people running up the road to evade gardai.

"We got back into the shop and we had the door locked," he said.

"There must have been about 80 of them running up the road past the shop, a lot of them were trying to get away from the gardai," he added.

A garda spokesman told the Herald that a full investigation of the incident at Brehonfield Road/Ballinteer Avenue is under way at Dundrum Garda Station.


"A large group of youths (up to 100) were involved in the fight ... a number of missiles were thrown including fireworks and flares," he added.

Of the 16 males arrested, the majority have Dublin addresses, but a number of men from Northern Ireland were also held.

All were released without charge. Files will now be prepared for the DPP.

Fine Gael TD for the area, Josepha Madigan, told the Herald that it was lucky there were a large number of gardai around the area at the time in order to put a stop to the fighting early on.

Both clubs whose fans were allegedly involved were contacted by the Herald, but reps said they were unaware of the incident.

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