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140 people google 'I want to die' here

At least 140 people in Ireland Google the search term "I want to die" every month.

In shocking findings, it was discovered that 23,310 suicide-related internet searches are made from Irish computers every month.

In Dublin, the term "suicide" is searched 1,600 times each month, "suicidal thoughts" 590 times and "suicide methods" is searched 390 times.

Also in Dublin, the search term "how to commit suicide" is looked for 170 times and "I want to kill myself" is searched for 110 times per month.


The founder of NoBullying.com, Ciaran Connolly, who carried out the study, said the discovery was "scary".

"We have completed a lot of research into what people are using the internet for in an effort to find help in dealing with suicide and depression," he said.

"We started this after we saw a trend with regards to what people were looking for on our website.

"NoBullying.com reviewed a total of 690 global search terms around suicide and found that 527 of these were regularly used in Google search engines in Ireland."

The website is currently Ireland's biggest anti-bullying and anti-cyber bullying portal. More than 400,000 visit it each month seeking help and advice.

The research was carried out to look into the "hidden depression and suicide that seems to be gripping Ireland",

The news comes as Ireland's first suicide prevention helpline closed yesterday.

Callers to 1Life Suicide Prevention Helpline will be re-directed to Samaritans Ireland from today.

The 1Life helpline was established by 3TS in 2009 in order to meet the need for a 24/7 freephone suicide prevention service. At that time it was the only freephone crisis helpline available 24/7.

The closure was part of an effort to streamline the number of free helplines available to callers in crisis.

Last month it was revealed that Ireland has the fourth highest rate of suicide in the EU among 15 to 19-year-olds.

Anyone who feels they need help can call Samaritans on 116 123.