Friday 21 September 2018

€1.3m paid out to deal with danger sites

The Department of Environment has said that more than €1.3m has been paid out to 19 local government chiefs to deal with the most urgent public safety issues on unsecured sites.

Funding of just over €2.5m for 21 local authorities has been approved, but not all of the money has been paid over yet.

The department announced last year that a combined pot of €5m is available to county and city councils to help with unsecured construction sites, incomplete or inadequate sewerage systems and open manholes and excavations.

Councillor Christy Burke said he intends to identify where the money, if any, has been spent in Dublin. "I plan to put a question to see what the city manager drew down from this fund to make ghost housing estates safe," he said.

Longford, Cork, Waterford and Cavan County Councils applied for the most under the emergency fund, as much as €295,277.

The payments are made under the Unfinished Housing Developments Public Safety Initiative, which is designed to finish off the work which developers have failed to do. To qualify for funding, the housing developments must be deemed to be 'category 4'..

The estate in Westmeath where the toddler died, Genatore, was deemed to be a 'category 3' but was one of 1,300 identified as being in urgent need of completion.

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