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13 gangsters on RIRA hit list

A HITLIST of 13 criminals has been drawn up by the Real IRA.

The dissidents are plotting to murder the criminals who have refused to pay them extortion money.

The list, revealed to the Herald, was drawn up after the criminals met individually with the terror chiefs -- and refused to pay up.

Their number one target is Kildare-based criminal Troy Jordan who refused to hand over extortion money when he was called to a meeting just days before Christmas.

'Border Fox' Dessie O' Hare -- who is suspected of dozens of murders during the Troubles -- is also on the hitlist.

There are now real fears of an all-out war after disaffected RIRA members revealed that the campaign of murder could "start within days".

And in a disturbing new departure, dissident IRA members are prepared to murder innocent family members of their targets if they cannot get to the criminals themselves.

A high-ranking dissident, who has become disaffected with the direction of the organisation, revealed details of the list to the Herald.

"Myself and others in the organisation are deeply unhappy with the direction that is being planned," the source said.

"The fight against the British should be our number one concern, it is why all good republicans become involved.

"This nonsense about killing drug dealers is a side-show and is counter-productive."

Referring to O'Hare, the source said: "He is involved with criminal gangs, is believed to be running his own fuel-smuggling business and is refusing to hand over money.

"He is therefore a legitimate target."


The hitlist has been drawn up by RIRA figures from the North who are now based in Dublin and are involved in a major new extortion cash drive.

They also want to "clean up" their own organisation in the capital, according to the source, which they believe has been infiltrated by "low-life scum" recruited by slain dissident boss Alan Ryan.

With the dissidents in a state of turmoil and high tensions after Ryan's murder by north Dublin criminal gangs in September, the Herald has learned that a series of internal interrogation meetings have occurred in a south Dublin property over the past week, resulting in three terrorists being expelled from the organisation.