Tuesday 23 January 2018

101-year-old granny tells why she’s voting yes in referendum


A 101-year-old grandmother has become an online hit after she declared why she is ready to vote 'Yes' in the marriage equality referendum.

Retired teacher Kitty Cotter gave her opinions in an online video that has garnered almost 50,000 views.

The Cork native said she believes in "equal rights for all citizens".

"I'm 101 but I believe in equal rights for all our citizens therefore I will be voting yes in the coming referendum," Kitty said.

The video has gained remarkable viewing numbers since it was uploaded by proud granddaughter Ca O'Donoghue.

Thalia and Holly
Thalia and Holly
Vogue Williams
Rory O'Carroll

"Decided to ask my 101-year-old grandmother how she's voting in the marriage referendum in a few weeks...what a hero," Ca wrote afterwards.

Kitty has been praised by hundreds of social media users with people dubbing the granny a "legend" and a "lady".

Proud grandson Billy said his granny was overwhelmed by the reaction.


"We put the video up at lunchtime yesterday and the views have just been incredible. She doesn't get the whole 'viral thing' but she was very touched to hear how people were reacting," he told he Herald.

"I think she was more touched in seeing how taken myself and my mum were with it. Facebook is quite alien to her - news is something she reads in the paper," he added.

"She's phenomenal, she reads the paper every single day and stays so involved in everything that's going on.

"Kitty will indeed be voting in the referendum next month, she's never missed an election or a referendum."

One person wrote after viewing the video: "She is in inspiration showing not all people of an older generation are opposed to change."

Meanwhile, Dublin footballer Rory O'Carroll will not be punished by the GAA after he posed for a photographer in Croke Park with a 'Yes' badge indicating his support in favour of the May 22 referendum.

O'Carroll displayed the badge while holding the Allianz League Cup aloft with team-mate Jack McCaffrey following Dublin's comprehensive victory over Cork in Sunday's final at GAA headquarters.

A GAA spokesman said the photograph was not endorsed by the association.

The GAA's policy is that no political statements be made by their members inside of association grounds and stadiums.


Dublin footballers Michael Darragh MacAuley and Rory O'Carroll have pledged their support to the Yes campaign in the upcoming marriage equality referendum in a new online video.

Also in the online video created by ice-cream brand Ben & Jerry's are models, Vogue Williams, Thalia Heffernan and Holly Carpenter.

The two-minute film shows how people say "yes" to things every day.


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