Monday 18 February 2019

1,000 homes switch as bin wars heat up

MORE than 1,000 customers have deserted Dublin City Council's waste collection service in recent weeks in favour of a private operator.

The local authority admitted droves of householders in the capital's south central area are opting for Thornton Recycling's cheaper rates.

"Over the last number of weeks a private waste collector has been actively targeting residents of the south central area to change to its waste collection service," the council said in a report.

"To date, in the region of 1,000 customers have changed service provider."

However, Independent councillor for the Ballyfermot area Vincent Jackson said a more organised changeover should have been put in place.

He told the Herald that many homes now have six bins in their front garden -- three old council bins and three new ones from Thorntons.

"Dublin City Council should have done a deal with Thorntons that they don't have to supply three new bins," Mr Jackson said.


He said the local authority had no use for the old bins.

"The council is not going to be expanding its market share. I don't like the bins being left in the front garden," he said.

In four weeks, the council lost more than 1,000 customers, he told the Herald.

"They (Thorntons) have teams of people out every week knocking on doors offering a better package to collect waste," he said.

However, he questioned whether it would be cheaper in the long run as he predicted private operators would hike rates if the local authority exited from the market completely.

Between the different services, there are now collections on a number of separate days during the week.

"It looks brutal. There are bins everywhere," Mr Jackson said.

Thorntons, founded in 1979 by Padraig and Carmel Thornton, has more than 200 staff and more than 100 trucks

According to its website, it has 20,000 residential and commercial customers.


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