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100 new garda to start training next month, reveals new Garda Commissioner


Noirin O'Sullivan

Noirin O'Sullivan

Noirin O'Sullivan

One hundred new Garda recruits will enter training on December 8, says newly-appointed Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan.

"As you know we already have 100 recruits in training and on December 8, I am delighted to say, that we are going to have another 100 recruits entering training," the commissioner said at a graduation ceremony for new members of the Garda Reserve in Templemore this morning.

"I would like to see that trickle of recruitment continue because I think that a profession such as policing requires new blood, it requires new thinking, it keeps the organisation energetic and vibrant," she added.

In the October Budget it was announced that recruitment in the force would continue with the news being announced before Christmas.

Ms O'Sullivan made the announcement this morning at a media briefing before she oversaw her first graduation ceremony as commissioner.

"It's all about getting the message out that the interaction every single member of the Garda Siochana has with the public is how confidence and trust will be restored, it's one interaction at a time," the commissioner stated.

Today 67 members of the Garda Reserve will graduate.