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10 officials fired in sex scandal

A scandal involving Chinese city officials having sex with women hired by developers who secretly videotaped the trysts to extort construction deals has expanded with state media saying 10 more officials were fired.

The first, high-profile case broke in November when video clips went viral online of official Lei Zhengfu in the southwestern city of Chongqing in the throes of passion. Lei was fired from his position as Communist Party chief of a district in Chongqing.

Obama plans Las Vegas visit

President Barack Obama plans to visit Las Vegas next week on the first trip outside Washington of his second term.

Mr Obama made numerous stops in Nevada while campaigning for re-election and defeated Republican Mitt Romney in the state.

Pastor refuses to answer jury

A pastor convicted of helping a woman and her daughter involved in a custody dispute with the woman's former lesbian partner was taken into US federal custody after refusing to answer questions by a grand jury.

Kenneth Miller of Virginia said his religious beliefs prevented him from complying with the court's order that he testify about others involved in the 2009 flight of Lisa Miller and her daughter, Isabella. The Millers are not related.