Thursday 14 December 2017

Yvonne Keating: I feel happier the way with the way I look now


Yvonne Keating pictured is Stork’s Easter baking campaign ambassador
Yvonne Keating pictured is Stork’s Easter baking campaign ambassador

Yvonne Keating has revealed that she didn't have a healthy diet during her modelling days.

The mum-of-three says she admires how fit and healthy today's top Irish models are.

"I'm absolutely in awe of these girls - when we were modelling our diets were so bad, we never worked out and thankfully a lot of us were naturally skinny," she told the Diary.

"These girls like Rosanna Davison and Rozanna Purcell, they eat so healthily. I do think they are the kind of girls that if they stuff their faces, they would be quite slim but I think they are very conscious of eating healthily and being fit.

"It's lovely to see that. The amount of people reading their blogs is huge and they have great support so I think it's all good for the next generation," she added.

Yvonne (40) also revealed that she feels happier with how she looks compared to when she was younger.

"I've put on like a stone and I'm fine with that. If I had a magic wand of course I'd lose a bit of weight, but I am actually fine with it," she admitted.

"And I have to say I probably feel more feminine than I've ever felt, and I feel like a woman and more confident overall.


"I'm past thinking that your appearance is the most important thing. That's not to say I won't wear make up and try to do my best, but I'm 100 times happier in my skin now."

While she won't be releasing a cook book any time soon, Yvonne says she has enjoyed working on TV over the past few years and would be open to working on another show if the right concept presented itself.

"If the opportunity came along that interests me, I would never say no," she revealed.

"If I can relate to the TV show or the family product that I'm interested in, I'm all up for it.

"I'm 40 and I really enjoy this kind of work, such as being an ambassador for Stork products, but I don't have that ambition of a 19 year old," she added.

"I look at the girls on Xpose, they work so hard, and I have three kids - am I that ambitious?

"That's not from a lazy point of view, the kids are my priority and I'm kind of steadily fitting more in the older they get.

"I went back to work a couple of years ago but with moving house and trying to start a business, it's kind of a gradual thing, and to tell you the truth my kids love seeing me work," she added.

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