Monday 20 November 2017

You can call me boring, but I love the name Mary

I like the name Mary. For a girl. What does that say about me? Boring? Old fashioned? It's not exactly from the same stable of names as Blue Ivy, Beyonce's offspring. That one's from the same stable as River Phoenix, Harper Seven (Posh's young one), Moon Unit and Dweezil (Frank Zappa's young) and, of course, Suri -- Tom and Katie's high-heel-wearing anklebiter.

But I guess Blue Ivy is entirely appropriate for a baby that will probably be wearing Gucci nappies and have Chloe rattles. They've bought a $3,000 crib, don't you know. Classy. Sure why save for braces and education. Much better to bling up your cot.

"What up, Mama? Tell my homey Jay-Z that my babygro is phat ... "

At least Antony stole good stuff

Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson was arrested for shoplifting cheese and wine from Tesco. At least the theft had an epicurean theme. Unexpected foodie in the bagging area and all that. Would it have been quite so classy if it had been a microwave dinner and toilet roll?

Eh, it's a loan, not a bailout...

More predictions this week that we may need a second bailout. I'm still not sure why they call it a bailout. We're paying interest on the loan so how can we call it a bailout? It's borrowing on a grand scale. It's not like we're getting something for nothing.

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