Friday 15 December 2017

With so many details to get right, this bridezilla was taking no time out to travel

Let me declare one thing from the outset -- I was Bridezilla. My hairdresser on my wedding day, Paul Davey, told me I was one of the most relaxed brides he had ever worked with. But that was because I had already exceeded my quota of craziness LONG before the big day.

And why wouldn't you want the biggest day of your life to go perfectly and not leave anything to chance? With just six months to plan my entire wedding, I took to the whole 'Project W' with a gusto that surprised even myself -- especially as I had never classed myself as one of 'those' girls. Yet one night I found myself and three pals spending hours dribbling hot candle wax onto scores of ivory-coloured invites we had meticulously tied with matching ribbons. The reality hit me. I had checked into bridal crazytown.


Yet I wasn't alone in this. I did have a partner in crime in the shape of my hubbie, aka Groomzilla. He was just as keen to research every detail of our big day as we planned our nuptials with military precision. With two journalists trying to find the scoop on the perfect dream day, there was no stone we would leave unturned.

We went to see scores of wedding bands, traipsed to countless venues around the country, chomped down on an array of tasting menus, sampled wines and dithered over our ideal honeymoon destination.

When Geraldine first told me of her bold plan to do a pre-wedding four-month trip to India, I couldn't believe it.

Had the woman taken leave of her senses?!

While admiring her bravery, there was no way in hell I could have done the same thing.

Let's face facts -- there are a million and one things you have to do when planning a wedding, especially one with 160 guests. And the closer it gets to the big day - and ours was a two-day event - the more things that have to be done, in between juggling a busy, full-time job.

Not being in the country for several months in the lead-up to my nuptials just wasn't an option. There were countess visits to bridal stores to find the perfect dress and that was before the arduous task of kitting out my three bridesmaids. Then the hunt was on to find a church, a priest, a photographer, a videographer, wedding favours, bridal cars and a florist while also completing our marriage course.

But after all that stress and countless hours spent planning our dream nuptials, if someone asked me if it was all worth it in the end? Hell yes, absolutely. You only get married once, it was the best day of my life and I wouldn't have changed a thing -- not for all the green tea in India.

>Melanie Finn

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