Wednesday 16 January 2019

why some garments are actually really worth it

get your coat, you've pulled

A good winter coat should always be seen as an investment buy - and if you choose wisely it's not something that needs to be replaced with great frequency.

Apart from a good cut it needs to be well lined, in your price range and have a timeless quality.

You are not buying something that's 'of the moment'. You're buying a practical garment that you are going to spend an inordinate amount of time in and could influence people's first impression of you.

It's got to have enough shoulder room but not be too long at the sleeves. It should accentuate the positives, such as a small waist, good bum, neat shoulders and minimise anything that makes you feel self-conscious or awkward.

In short it needs to feel like a second skin that offers warmth and protection as you wait for the sun to rise again. Two coats that made an impression this week are pictured here.

The first is by Vilagallo (above), a new brand at The Kilkenny Shop, it is instantly recognisable as it uses pops of neon pink in their trimming and linings as a trademark. (Vilagallo geometric print tunic dress, €139.95; Vilagallo jacquard navy neon trim coat, €259.95; Orla Kiely brown leather bag, €469; Edna boots, €349 by Fitzpatrick Shoes).

For those in need of a more neutral tone this Lya Solis luxury cashmere beige coat (€999, right) is stunning.

This piece is double lined and made from 100% cashmere. Lya Solis is available to buy at shop 4A, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin and online atlyasolis.com/.

PErfect match

COSMETIC company No7 say women told them that finding the perfect lipstick colour is one of the biggest beauty challenges they face, which is why they got their 'Colour Scientists' to spend years researching and creating the No7 Match Made Lipstick Service resulting in 43 new lipstick colours that have been specifically designed to complement one or more of the No7 skin-true foundation shades.

By using their unique knowledge of skin tones, gained from the development of the No7 Match Made Foundation Service, this in-store analysis uses a special colour-measuring device, to give women their precise No7 skin-true foundation shade, and now, lipstick colour families.

Armed with this knowledge the No7 Advisors can suggest lipstick grouped into six colour families to flatter and suit each complexion.

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