Thursday 23 November 2017

Why I remember the Best Christmas ever

The joy of a new baby, a sudden fall of snow -- that brought 'kisses from Daddy in heaven' to a grieving child -- and a surprise engagement. Diana Kitt tells of three favourite festive memories

ANNE-Marie Gannon

According to Anne-Marie, children asking Santy to perform miracles is more common than you'd think. If Santy can manage to deliver all those toys all over the world, then why can't he perform miracles?

"It's a child's logic that you can't argue with," says Anne-Marie. "They see God and Santy as being mythical creatures who can perform miracles but who nobody ever sees. I had told her that God had made her Daddy into a star so why couldn't Santy bring him back?"

"There was loads and loads of presents under the tree but once Amy saw that Santy hadn't brought her daddy back she was devastated. And then it started to snow.

"As soon as Amy saw the snow she turned to me and said 'Mummy, that's Daddy sending me kisses from Heaven'. We opened the door and we went out and we turned around in it. It didn't stick to the ground and it didn't even last five minutes but it was enough for us.


"As well as asking for Santy to bring Vincent back, Amy had also told all my family that her Daddy was going to make it snow for Christmas and he did.

"As soon as we went back into the house the phone rang and it was my sister asking had we seen the snow. I still don't know where it came from, the sky was bright blue.

"We told everybody about the snow, and even now snow has become almost a spiritual thing for me. It's kisses from Heaven.

"It renewed my faith, definitely. To this day I think of that snow every Christmas morning. it's a very bittersweet memory."

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