Saturday 16 December 2017

Where is the friend

Where is the Friend that everywhere I'm seeking?

When daylight comes my longing grows for Thee, King.

When day departs I have not found my Master,

Though the heart beats faster.

I hear his Voice where summer winds are breathing,

Where forests sing, and where the river's seething.

Its splendour fills me, and where that Voice is,

My heart rejoices.

I sense his Being in every move of nature,

The flower that blooms, and bends towards its Creator,

The very air I breathe, each sigh I utter,

Mingles with my Lover.

Be strong my soul, hope, pray, surrender.

Your friend beckons: soon you'll taste how tender

His love can be; and sink upon his Bosom

And never lose Him.

> Translated from Swedish by Ulick O'Connor

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