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What do you think?

Are rebound relationships ever a good idea?

Emma J McGrath (21), Clondalkin

No, they're not. It takes the heart a long time to heal. You should wait a while before you get involved with someone

Clare Chambers (22), Cabra

No, they're never a good idea. It's only a relationship to get over another relationship.

Sarah Hughes (31) Portobello

Yes, I think that they are. If the opportunity presents itself, you should take it. I don't see any harm in them.

Beata Bednarek (27), Christchurch

No, they're not. Obviously you don't want to hurt anyone. You need proper closure and you might not be ready for a new relationship.

Leah Clarke (19), Donaghmede

I think that you should give yourself some time after a break-up, to think about what went wrong. There might still be something there.