Friday 15 December 2017

Week 8: I'll be out pounding the pavements for my sister

I'll be out pounding the pavements for my sister

Grainne O'Hagan
Grainne O'Hagan

My name is Grainne O'Hagan and I'm a housewife from and living in Whitehall, Dublin 9, with my husband Ger and son Liam. And I'm walking the mini-marathon for the National Breast Cancer Research Institute (NBCRI).

I have personal reasons for doing the event. I lost my sister Eithne to breast cancer nine years ago. I'm walking it for her and she's always in my mind, But I'm also walking it for Roisin, another sister of mine, who is, thank God, in remission from the same disease. I'm so proud of both of these amazing women.

Why the mini-marathon? Well apart from raising money for my chosen charity, it's great craic and you can't beat the atmosphere running and walking with thousands of other women. All of us are having fun and all of us are raising money for our charities. Now, more than ever, charities are relying on our donations.

The National Breast Cancer Research Institute is a totally voluntary-based charity which conducts research into the biology of breast cancer, to determine the cause of this terrible disease which effects nearly all families at some stage. They are also looking for ways to improve breast cancer treatment and hopefully they can discover a total cure someday. I hope that there will be a cure in my lifetime and thousands of lives can be saved.

As for myself, I'm not fit at all really, and need to lose a bit of weight. Excess weight is not a good thing for breast cancer and walking is a great way to help get fit (someday I hope to jog it). You'll see me out pounding the pavements in Whitehall/Glasnevin/Santry in preparation for June 1, doing at least 45 minutes a day. Our dog loves the exercise too!

If you see me, think pink and consider helping my charity by donating to NBCRI.

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