Monday 24 September 2018

Week 5: The Great Abs Workout

A regular, varied routine helps you see what works for your body


This is the final part of the stability ball programme and many of our clients have been keeping a weekly tear sheet of all exercises, which will be a great reference tool to be used as part of your ongoing quest for improvement.

The results will show as long as you put in the effort and make a commitment to train at least three times a week allowing yourself 45 minutes to complete your workout.

On non-training days, walk a little more, use the stairs instead of the lift, simply make a conscious effort to use every opportunity to make sure you are working towards your target, whether it be weight loss or just toning.

Keep the end result in mind every day. What you eat, drink and think, you become.

Stay focused and positive.If you have been following our workout, your body should feel tighter and firm. Clothes should fit better, which in turn will give you more confidence and start feeling good about yourself.

Our ongoing programme is very much based on a wide variation of movements. The more you train, the more aware you become of which exercises work for you. This is the most effective way of getting results, getting to understand how your body responds to exercise.


Remember you don't have to be sore or in pain for it to work. Many clients feel that unless the muscles are sore they are not getting the benefit. Not true.

But by varying your routine, the muscles will be worked from every angle. And with variation you may be tender, which is fine.

Changing your workouts is good for the body. It keeps muscles awake. So do three sets of 20 reps within a maximum time 45 minutes, talking no rest. And don't forget to stretch after for five minutes.

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1 Crossover Obliques


Keeping your lower back on the ball and your hands behind your head for support, with your chin up and eyes facing the ceiling, bring your upper body up as you pull in your abdominal muscles. Rotate from right to left.


2 Forward Crunch


With your lower back on the ball and arms stretched out behind your head bring your upper body up as you pull your abdominals in.



3 Circle Crunch

Elbows resting on the ball keep the body completely straight, simply rotate the ball in a circle left and right, engage your abdominals.



4 Plank on Ball


Elbows on the mat and feet on the ball keep the body in a straight line while holding in the abdominals and hold the position for 30 seconds to one minute.


Pictures posed by instructor Jen Feighery 

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