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Wedding gifts... what's the spend?

Lyndsey McDonald, (33), Castleknock, Dublin:

n "I am from England so I usually don't try to give as much at weddings when I am there. When I am here in Ireland, I would definitely give more than if I was in England."

Colm McDonnell, (29), Castleknock, Dublin:

n "Perhaps if it was for family, immediate family, I would surely go as high as 500 quid. If it was simply for a friend, I would only spend about €100."

Eoin Hamell, (20), Templemore, Tipperary:

n "It would depend on who they are; I would spend more if it was family. I have bought personalised gifts for family weddings in the past."

Triona Maloney, (20), Blanchardstown, Dublin:

n "I would only spend about €100. If you are going as a couple, then you should divide the price and only spend about €50 each."

Cathal Ryan, (20), Thurles, Tipperary:

n "Only around €50. I would like to buy a physical gift for the couple - it looks more personal and thoughtful that way."

Emma Caulfield, (22), Clonskeagh, Dublin:

n "I would probably only spend between 75-100 quid on a wedding gift. You would have to help cover the meal, though, as a nice gesture."

Una Kavanagh, (23), Ashtown, Dublin:

n "€200 at the most. I would try and actually buy a gift that would look nice, and it looks a lot better than just giving money to the couple."

Michelle Griffin, (22), Firhouse, Dublin:

n "Around €50-75. I am a bit young and have never been to a wedding, so I really have no idea how much to spend."

Ruth Corcoran, (28), Sutton, Dublin:

n "If I was attending the wedding with a group of friends, we'd probably put in €200 even between us. If I was going on my own, I would spend about €100."