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'We finally own our own home - I never want to move again!'

Dubliner Niamh Fitzpatrick (29), who recently purchased a house with her fiancé Adam, says there is light at the end of the tunnel.

"We moved in with my folks in September 2012 and were given a two-year limit on their generosity!" she says. "We would never have been able to rent and save simultaneously, so it was the only option for us.

"It was a full house of six adults; Adam and I, my parents and my two brothers. I really enjoyed my time at home again - there were challenges but the positives outweighed them by far.

"Adam works four evenings a week, so I enjoyed the company of my parents then. The hardest time was from when we went sale agreed to finally moving in - from March 2014, to getting the keys at end of July and moving in October.

"We thought the process would be quicker, but unfortunately there were lots of road blocks along the way. Thankfully it all worked out and we finally own a lovely house in Walkinstown. I never want to move again!"