Monday 21 May 2018

Want to be a writer? Some things you should know...

Self-belief is paramount. The scriptwriter William Goldman famously said, "nobody knows anything".

No one knows for sure what's going to be a runaway success; any creative industry is based on educated guesses and gut feelings, so believe in yourself and your work

Your work will be rejected. A LOT. Everyone knows this part, but knowing it and living it are very different. I allow myself one day of wearing black and snivelling uncontrollably, then I'm back to work. I have two kids and a mortgage; I can't afford to wallow.

Not everyone will support you. This can be hard/sad/hurtful, but you may find that not everybody thinks it's a good idea to pursue a 'pipe dream'. You might have written a modern masterpiece but until it becomes a bestseller or a movie, most people won't give a damn.

It's a lengthy dogfight. Miracles do happen, but not often. Most writers who are an 'overnight success' have grafted for years. One thing I've realised is there are lots of extremely talented, hungry writers out there honing their craft and trying to make a success of their work. These are your competitors. Game on.

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