Wednesday 19 September 2018

Vote 'Yes', so my gay best man can marry just like I can, says TV chef Donal Skehan


Sophie Larsen and Donal Skehan pictured for bondings.
Sophie Larsen and Donal Skehan pictured for bondings.
Donal Skehan and best man Jonathan
Donal in Vietnam for his new show

TV chef Donal Skehan has urged fans to vote 'Yes' in the upcoming marriage equality referendum - so that his best man can have the same rights as he does.

Donal is currently planning his wedding to Swedish fiancee Sofie Larsson. The Kitchen Hero presenter is set to wed within the next two months.

Donal said that he would be voting 'Yes' on May 22 so that his best friend, who is gay, would be afforded the "same rights" as him.

"Today my best man, Jonathan, and I picked up our suits for the wedding," Donal captioned a snap of them together.

"We've been best friends since we were four years old, but since he came out five years ago he hasn't had the same rights as me. On May 22 Ireland has the opportunity to vote for marriage equality.

"I will be voting 'Yes' for an equal society, 'Yes' for the next generation and 'Yes' for my best friend, who I look forward to standing beside as his best man when he chooses to get married. I hope you will too," he added.

Donal Skehan and best man Jonathan

Donal and his best man Jonathan

Donal and Sophie got engaged on a romantic trip to Paris last May and are set to wed somewhere in Ireland in early July.

The 28-year-old recently admitted that they may have a joint hen and stag party as they have lots of mutual friends.

"We've been talking about doing a 'Sten' (joint stag and hen party), so we'd all go away for a weekend together; have a girls night and a guys night, and then all go out together because all of our friends are quite close," he said.

"We might as well do something different like that and get a mini-break out of it while we're at it."

The happy couple have been together since 2006 after meeting in a pub in Howth and Sofie runs the financial side of their food empire. Donal has written five cookbooks and has 2.5m fans on YouTube after being added to Jamie Oliver's 'Food Tube' family.

Sofie also recently appeared on his YouTube channel where she showed followers how to make her rhubarb and lemon cordial.

His new show for the Food Network, Follow Donal, is garnering rave reviews and follows his search for good food across the world. The first series is focusing on his trip to Vietnam where he learns to cook local dishes.

"The series is all about travelling in Vietnam and learning about new cultures and food," he explained.

Donal in Vietnam for his new show

"The aim was to bring people watching along on the trip and give an authentic insight into a new country and culture.

"In each episode the locals are teaching me how to cook traditional dishes. I loved that it was something different."

It wasn't his first trip to Asia and he's already tasted some of the local delicacies.

"I went backpacking there a few years ago and it was an absolutely incredible trip.

"I didn't eat any insects but I did try some grilled rat. It was covered in chillies and barbecued. I know it sounds gross but it was delicious," he said.

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