Monday 18 December 2017

Una Foden: I had the baby blues when Tadhg was born but we're all good now

Una Healy and Ben Foden
Una Healy and Ben Foden
Una's husband Ben Foden and baby Tadhg
Una and Ben Foden's baby Tadhg

It’s been really nice being at home while I’m on The Voice of Ireland.

I’m staying with my parents in Thurles and it’s been great because I’m a mammy during the week and then my alter ego comes out when I’m a coach on the weekends.

But I’m always thinking about my acts and my song choices – they’re always on my mind.

Another thing that’s great about being at home is that I’ve had a chance to catch up with lots of my friends.

I had a touch of the baby blues after Tadhg was born –  he wasn’t latching on but after a few days we were fine.

Una's husband Ben Foden and baby Tadhg

We had managed to sell our house and buy a new one a few weeks before he arrived so everything was in boxes and that stressed me out.

I was speaking to my friends about it afterwards and one of them told me that you shouldn’t move house within six months of having a baby because it can bring on the baby blues – which is just what we did, but we’re both doing well now.

Tadhg is seven weeks old now and he’s a guzzler – he’s always hungry and he’s getting so big so I’m delighted. Aoife is settling into play school here as well.

I do miss Ben though as he’s currently in recovery for his knee injury but he’ll be over and back a lot.

It's hard to know what really happened with Zayn

Everyone has been talking about Zayn leaving One Direction over the last few days and it must have been such a big decision for him to make.

People have been saying lots of things about why he left so it’s hard to know what happened. But he spent five years of his life – he’s only 22 – with the band and they were jetting all over the world.

I’ve been in The Saturdays nearly eight years now and what’s great about being in a band is that you always lean on each other when you’re touring and away from home.

I guess girls express themselves a bit more as well, but when we were in LA filming Chasing the Saturdays on E! that was quite tough because I was away from Ben.

Even though I had my mam and Aoife with me it was tough being away from him because we had just gotten married as well.

There were some days when all I wanted to do was go home and see him, but then I’d talk to him on the phone and I’d feel better. It was hard at times.

The best part of getting ready for the Voice? Picking out the clothes

A lot goes on behind the scenes when we’re choosing what to wear for the live Voice shows.

OPur stylist Ingrid Hoey  brings in a huge rail of clothes for us to try on each week.

Although, I am conscious that I won’t be squeezing into something that would have fitted me before I had Tadhg – it’s just really important for me to be comfortable.

We have lots of time to try on all the clothes and different dresses which is great but they have to make sure that the outfits we choose will work on set.

They have to bring them out in front of the lights and the strobes to make sure that they work with the production.

So you could love a dress but it might not work in front of the cameras or with the effects.

Or you could love a red dress but you can’t wear it because of the set and the red chairs.

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