Wednesday 13 December 2017

TV3's Anna Daly: 'Two children is plenty for me'

Ireland AM Presenter and MiWadi ‘Mumbassador’ Anna Daly and her son James (3)
Ireland AM Presenter and MiWadi ‘Mumbassador’ Anna Daly and her son James (3)

Her colleague Lucy Kennedy might be hoping for baby number three, but TV3's Anna Daly says she has no plans to expand her own family.

The Ireland AM presenter is mum to James (3) and Euan (2), and says she believes two children are enough for her.

"I'm done - I came from a two-child family and that's very normal for me," she told the Herald.

"I feel the world was built for two children really. It means two parents to look after two kids and holidays, cars, standard houses that come with that.

"Also, the money and time it takes to look after children, I couldn't do it for a third kid," she added.

Anna Daly

Anna Daly

The former model has an enviable figure and reveals running around after two toddlers, as well as long walks with friends, keeps her trim.

"I go through fits and starts of being healthy and then not healthy at all," she admitted.

"My latest thing is trying to be relatively disciplined from Monday to Friday.

"As much as I'd like to eat rings around myself, I try not to. I do go out walking a lots with my friends during the week and then at the weekends I throw caution to the wind.

"There's some balance there I guess, but I think life is too short, so I never really deny myself anything to be honest.


"I did Pilates to lose the baby weight and probably do need to get back to that, but I'm not losing sleep over it - with two toddlers, life is busy," she added.

While her colleague Sybil has decided to go freelance Anna is happy to stay at TV3.

"I'd like to develop some of the strands in Ireland AM and the idea of doing a stand-alone series for my Anna Meets or Breakfast With segments," she said.

Anna (36) is MiWadi's new ambassador and as she doesn't allow her boys to have any fizzy drinks, she believes their new zero sugar squash is a great way to help the boys drink more water.


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