Tuesday 25 September 2018

Tubridy thanks 'my love' Aoibhinn but denies new book signals move abroad

Morah and Lottie Ryan tonight at the launch of Ryan Tubridy's book. Photo: Brian McEvoy
Morah and Lottie Ryan tonight at the launch of Ryan Tubridy's book. Photo: Brian McEvoy

RYAN Tubridy has denied he plans to cross the water to the BBC.

His new book cover shows him on a small boat to Britain with BBC figures including Graham Norton and Terry Wogan.

But the RTE man says it wasn't his idea to "board the boat".

"I am not going to the UK. My picture was placed on the cover with Terry and Graham by my publisher. I wasn't sure about it and I told them as much," Tubridy told the Herald at the launch of The Irish Are Coming.

"But they said for recognition for an Irish audience it needed to be there."

The 40-year-old's comments came after his 2fm morning show dropped another 7,000 listeners in the latest JNLR figures to 152,000.

However, he denied his position was in danger in an expected shake-up of the station by new boss Dan Healy.



"I'm not worried about my position," he said. "I can't spoof about it – of course I wish the figures were better. However, I do love the show, I think it's improving and I am surrounded by good people and good content.

"I intend to keep working on it. We will give it another whirl and see what happens after that."

He added that the final decision on what happens to the show "will not be mine".

But he said he would "never say never" to following the example of Irish figures such as the late Eamonn Andrews, who became huge on British TV.

He said: "You would never rule out the UK. It's reassuring to be asked over continually by the BBC. At the same time, I am not sniffing around over there. I'm happy with the two gigs I have in Ireland."

The Irish Are Coming, which chronicles those from here who made it big in Britain, is dedicated to his parents, but he also thanked in the acknowledgments his girlfriend, Aoibhinn Ni Shuilleabhain.



He wrote: "Aoibhinn, the lady whose elegance is unsurpassed and whose support is inestimable. Mo Ghra. Thank you."

At last night's launch in Residence, Aoibhinn said: "I've heard Ryan say this before, but it was nice to see it in print."


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