Thursday 14 December 2017

Troublesome text lives of the rich and famous

WELL, you'd think that texting was the most private communication option for a busy celebrity, wouldn't you?

Erm, not so much. It's only shown that famous people are human: they make poor choices, and they can't spell.

Surely the Patron Saint of Celebrity Communications Scandals is Tiger Woods. In an unfolding saga that gripped the world, the previously squeaky clean athlete was revealed, through texts, to have had a very busy, and very diverse, sex life.

Frankly, worse than the words are the naked pictures disseminated after enterprising hackers gained illegal entry to the private devices of some of Hollywood's finest. One could argue, sure, we've seen plenty of Christina Aguilera (right), so what difference does it make that there were saucy photos of her spread all over the web? Well, there's the fact that a) they were private, and b) There is no 'b'. They were private! She was pregnant in one of them! (Oh, just Google them yourself.)

Ronan Keating's alleged affair with a dancer on tour was revealed when his wife Yvonne supposedly found texts from her on his secret mobile phone.

Britney Spears allegedly broke up with second husband Kevin Federline (remember him?) via a text that read 'I want 2 divorce U'. Is this true, or was it the work of FakeSMS Celebrity Texting 1.0? With this iPhone app, you can pretend to be texting back and forth with the celeb of your choice: just programme their name, and then conduct a fictional conversation with anyone from George Clooney to Santa Claus. Whatever floats your boat.

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