Saturday 16 December 2017

Trickle down economics or just a bit tired?

SSales of hot beverages are up by almost 8pc, according to Retail Excellence Ireland, and apparently this is a sign that the economy is on the up. But isn't this more of an indication of a tired and unhealthy workforce? And the fact that it's an addictive stimulant? Not so much trickle down economics but more a case of when everyone is arriving into work with a cup, it makes you want one too.

Wwas it absolutely necessary to say 'No loud Americans?' on the sign outside Peter's Place café in Waterville? Couldn't they have just said 'no loud people'? Why single out one nationality? Are there no loud Irish people? No doubt some loudmouth Yanks will cancel their vacations to Waterville and spend their dollars in a more welcoming country.

IIt's all very predictable isn't it? Blaming a victim for what happened to her, that is. A few weeks ago a 16-year-old girl called Jada was allegedly raped in Houston. Some vile human being took a picture of her lying on a floor unconscious and partially nude, and posted it on Twitter with the hashtag #jadapose. It wasn't long before others created mocking memes of the so called 'pose' and tweeted them too. Thankfully, the Twittersphere fought back and new hashtags like #IAmJada have spread. #Twitterjustice

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