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The Incredible Holiday Roadshow rolls into town

MONDAY: Holiday World in snowy Belfast. A curiosity: the first stall visitors to the exhibition encountered in the King's Hall was from Dublin Airport.

They want to increase the numbers of northerners using it by another 100,000 or so this spring. Maura Moloney, from DAA, tells me about the Dublin Airport Club's new initiative, unlimited short-term car parking for €2,000 a year, for those of us who are airborne most of the time, as well as their three tiers of airport club membership offering fast track, shop discounts and lounge access.

TUESDAY: I have three places to be today and am slightly late at each of them. Tourism Ireland launched their Ireland.com website, fending off questions about the cost (¤3m) and the fact it was given to a London design company who rejoice in the glorious name of Hugo & Cat.

Niall Gibbons, of Tourism Ireland, didn't meet the cat (I asked) and I have my own suspicions he doesn't exist. Lufthansa came to town, and then the aviators of the world gathered for a big finance conference in the Four Seasons. We have four big aviation conferences in Dublin this year. Ireland's aircraft leasing industry is, ahem, flying, we lease more than half of the world's air fleet out of this island.

WEDNESDAY: Is it my imagination or is James Hogan, the third generation Tipperary man who runs Etihad, turning into a TV preacher? When they bring him onstage at the air finance conference he comes with booming music and flashing lights that would do a champion boxer proud.

THURSDAY: Black tie and tux on for the Irish Travel Industry awards. Great to see that the travel agency of the year was won by O'Hanrahan's in Monaghan, rather than, as most of us expected, a big city agency.

FRIDAY: Holiday World opens in the RDS with the usual frenzy of activity. Tourism chiefs come for the press and trade morning on the Friday and disperse by the evening, leaving Saturday and Sunday for the consumers.

The Irish Travel Writer of the year awards finish a marathon day, albeit with a Fawlty Towers moment when our planned schedule of short speeches is disrupted by a lengthy and passionate address in Spanish by an Andalusian politician.

Journalists are not always the best behaved bunch of people, and the fact that everyone kept quite and applauded politely at the end is a tribute to the quality of the wine on offer. It is a family occasion with my colleagues, compered by yours truly, and I am exhausted at the end of it.

SATURDAY: One of the most pleasant jobs I undertake in the year is to chair a series of advice clinics at Holiday World.

SUNDAY: It astonished me how quickly the paraphernalia of a big consumer show is dismantled. An hour after the doors close in the RDS and the stands have been taken apart. Emirates flatbed seat is back in its case.

Dave Brazil and Tony Toner have revved up their Harley Davisons and driven them out of the hall, and, that's it for another year.

Fitur in Madrid next week. Travel never stops.