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Time to say 'I Do' to this pre-wedding workout


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WITH the approach of summer there tends to be an increasing number of couples preparing for their 'big day' and, usually, there is a lot of emphasis on getting into shape.

It's important for her to show off all the contours of her wedding dress and look the best she has ever looked. It may seem simpler for the guys, but they want to look just right in that morning suit, too.

In the past, the majority of our clients were female, but now we see a surge of guys who want to get in shape. This could be partly due to the new breed of movie stars who tend to show off their six packs and muscular torsos. Some brides are now demanding that the groom is in shape – no beer bellies allowed.

Legs are the engine of the body, and they give power and strength all over and, if equally trained, they will help release more male hormones. An example of this would be testosterone plus HGH (human growth hormone) which, if you don't exercise, decreases after 30 years of age – so guys, work those legs.

Men also go for the toned look in females – not muscular or masculine – just the right amount of firmness. Looking at the upper arms, shoulders and back, our biggest request from women is to remove the wobbly bingo wings.

And, with many wedding outfits cutting off at the shoulder, the eyes of the onlooker are instantly drawn to the upper arm. The tricep is roughly two-thirds of your arm and, if you are carrying extra weight, your arms will look bulky. Women tend to store fat here and it can look really soft. The good news is that you can get this muscle into great shape if you train regularly and change your eating habits.

There is nothing better than a definite date for a wedding to focus your mind on working out hard, as well as eating and drinking healthier. Being in great shape for your important day will give you more confidence.

When weight training, use two dumbbells (2.5kg each) or whatever weight you can manage to complete these movements without too much strain, but enough pressure to work that muscle group. Aim to do three sets of 20-15-12 repetitions, going through each sequence, before repeating from the beginning.

There are many combinations of exercises for the arms, but the ones I outline below are simple and very effective. As always, if you have any injuries or medical problems, check with your doctor first before starting any exercise.

So, how can you do it?

Try some of the following, 3 sets, 30 reps per set:

Medicine ball press-ups:

Get a medicine ball and place it in front of you. Place both hands on the ball and get into a press-up position. Keeping your back flat, holding that tummy in, bend at the elbows all the way down and all the way up.

Advanced Tricep Kickbacks:

Lie on the floor, with your arms straight in the air. Bring your arms back 45 degrees, now bring the dumbells down and kick them straight out. Be careful that the lower part of your arm stays straight.

Tricep Dips:

Sit on a chair/bench. Place hands under your bum, straighten your legs out in front, then bend at your elbows. All the way down and all the way up. If you find this too hard, then bend the knees and bring your legs towards you.

Close grip bench press:

Lying flat on the bench, bring your hands close on the bar. Lower the bar down with your elbows, moving out on the way down, press it straight back up.

Standing tricep behind the neck:

Raise your arms straight up, keeping the elbows tight. Lower the weight, being careful to keep your elbows firm, then return back up.