Thursday 14 December 2017

The rugger match... I have seen this day men in the beauty of movement,

A gallant jaw set, the form of a hero that flew,

Cunning, a selfless flinging of self in the fray,

Victory, and a struggle against defeat.

I know that the Power that gave us the bodies we have

Can only be praised by our use of the things He gave,

That we are not here to turn our backs to the sun,

Or to scorn the delight of our limbs. And for those have eyes

The beauty of this is the same as the beauty of flowers,

And of eagles and lions and mountains and oceans and stars

And I care not, but rather am glad that the thought will recur

That in Egypt the muscles moved under the shining skins

As here, and in Greece where Olympian champions died,

And in isles long ago, where never a record was kept.

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