Monday 11 December 2017

The changing look of Victoria Beckham

She's come a long way from the famme-hungry spice girl. . . and now Victoria Beckham always knows how to strike a pose

Victoria Beckham is a control freak, and no doubt hates the fact that there are photos of her from way back when her image wasn't so perfectly groomed.

Yet if there's one thing you have to hand the former Spice Girl, it's that she has perfected a one-pose-fits-all for the paparazzi.

She's a busy fashion designer who last week was one of the big hits at New York Fashion Week, a mum-of-four and wife of an alpha male, so it's no surprise Victoria can't be bothered risking getting caught at a bad angle when a camera is shoved in her face. She has a simpering pose nailed. To achieve the pose, she pushes out one hip – usually the right – to create an angular S-shaped curve with her body.


Her left foot is then stepped slightly in front and crossed over her right one, slimming her silhouette and bringing her legs down to a sharp point.

Victoria then lowers her right shoulder and holds her right arm behind her to further slim down her profile.

Meanwhile, the former singer-turned-fashion-designer elongates her neck by holding her head straight and high and tips her chin down to define her face.

If success were to be measured by how much of a holy show a person was willing to make of themselves starting out, then 38-year-old Victoria would be deemed to have earned every bit of her international fame. Her hunger shines through in early photos with the Spice Girls.

And if she looks bottom drawer compared to the upmarket image she has cultivated there's no doubt the raw materials were there in bucket loads in the young Miss Adams. The firm grip she always keeps on hubbie David is part and parcel of Victoria's desire to have it all.

Now a singer and fashion designer, what Victoria is above all else is someone who is ravenous for fame, and her voracious appetite for attention means she would have struck gold at whatever she had turned her hand to in life.

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