Monday 20 November 2017

Temp Head

Do your emotions affect the way you eat?

Roisin McCready (30) Celbridge

"I'd eat more if I was bored. It would depend what mood I was in but boredom is a main one."

Ailsa Dineen (23) Mount Merrion

"If I'm down or when I'm hungover I'd to go out and get junk to make myself feel better."

Sadhbh Crowley (22) Clonskeagh

"They definitely do. If I've had a hard day or if I've had a fight with someone, I'm more likely to comfort eat. If I'm happy I'm more likely to be good and not snack as much."

Megan Byrne, (22) Dundalk

"If I'm bored, with nothing to do or I'm just not in a great mood I'll eat crisps and chocolate and other junk food more than I normally would."

Sofia Nilsson, (22) Dublin

"Stress makes me eat more. I always find, anyway, that I eat more comfort food if I'm stressed or upset. I'd mainly go for the chocolate first if I'm not feeling great."

> Sinead Brennan

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