Friday 15 December 2017

Springtime Ireland to bask in the heat while rest shiver

THERE will be a spring in our step next week as we defy the European freeze.

Mild weather is on its way to Ireland, while the rest of Europe will continue to remain chilly and Britain will be swept by blizzards and snow.

Met Eireann has predicted that after a cool weekend, temperatures would significantly rise next week, reaching up to 15C in the south of the country by Thursday.

Tonight, strong gusty winds will clear the Irish skies which will result in a drop of temperatures overnight and frosty mornings on Sunday and Monday.

However, overcast conditions will return by Monday, allowing the return of milder spring weather.


"We have a span of cold coming our way this weekend, but it will only last 36 hours from Saturday mid-morning to Sunday night," Met Eireann forecaster John Eagleton told the Herald.

"We're very lucky, we'll continue to avoid the bad weather that has been crippling continental Europe and Britain.

"Most of the severe cold weather has retreated back to Russia, but Spain and Italy will still be very cold.

"It's the start of spring here, but there's no sign of it on the continent."

Mr Eagleton said temperatures would drop below freezing tonight but they would return to double-digit figures on Monday.


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