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Some ‘healthy’ yoghurt snacks have more sugar than chocolate bars

SOME organic healthy’ yoghurt snacks contain more sugar than a bar of chocolate, a new survey has revealed.

The products are often viewed as a healthy alternative for children or those on a diet, but some contain as much as 30g of sugar.

Some of the sugars contained in yoghurt are naturally occurring in the fruit or milk, but many list added sugar, glucose-fructose syrup or fruit concentrates high up in the list of ingredients.

A Yoplait Yop yoghurt drink topped the table with 30g of sugar - the equivalent of about 7.5 teaspoons.

That’s an incredible 66pc more sugar than in a Cadbury’s Flake. The chocolate bar contains 18g of sugar while a Dairy Milk contains 29.5g.

A Muller Corner yoghurt, meanwhile, contains 22.8g of sugar, which adds up to over five teaspoons.

And there is no escape from sugar, even when selecting fat-free yoghurt. Lidl’s Linessa fat-free yogurts contain 20g of sugar, or five teaspoons worth.