Wednesday 26 September 2018

Should we have a seagull cull?

Oversized, threatening seagulls have been the talk of the town this week. Katie Morris took to the streets to find out what you think...

Thryn Henderson (23), Grand Canal, DUblin:

n "We'd have to look in to whether or not culling works or not. I tend to prefer wilding techniques like introducing a predator species rather than an outright cull."

Danielle Woods (21), Dublin 1:

n "Leave them alone. Seagulls are wild animals."

Sam Wells (28), Dublin 1:

n "It's not right, I don't know what they can do but they should not be culled."

Caroline McIntyre (25), Moville, Donegal:

n "Just leave them alone and leave them to it."

Hannah Rankin (23), Greystones, Wicklow:

n "A cull is too extreme, I don't think you should harm any animal to be honest."

Tina Crafoord (32), Dublin 2:

n "No, my brother was chased before, it got stuck in his hair, but they should be left alone."

Jack Murphy (22), Blanchardstown:

n "No way, it's a seagull. Protect your stuff, keep your head down and stay away from seagulls."

Andre Crafoord (32), Dublin 2:

n "No, they're wild animals. Don't interfere."

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