Tuesday 18 September 2018

Should employers offer egg freezing?

With talk of employers offering egg freezing to women in the T&Cs, Clarissa Waldron asks who this really benefits...

Tomislav Buterin, 26, Finglas:

n "Why do companies need to interfere with this process? We shouldn't be mixing business and nature. I don't approve."

Miriam Poulton, 22, Inchicore:

n "I'm a medical student and it doesn't work as well as people think it does. Only approximately 10pc get a viable pregnancy out of it. I don't think the employees are being given all the information on it. There's also more chance of abnormalities with the eggs and things going wrong."

Karolina Kajzar, 19, Blackrock:

n "I think companies shouldn't be telling women what to do with their eggs or their fertility."

Rebecca McGrath, 22, Donegal:

n "It's good that it's affording women the opportunity to stay in work and build up their careers, but I think that companies are doing it to make themselves look good and seem gender equal."

Yris Paula, 23, Portobello:

n "If a woman has a fertility problem then it's ok to help, but it's not ok to freeze eggs just so she can focus on her career and then have babies afterwards. It's not natural."

Aisling Connors, 19, Rathfarnham:

n "I don't agree with it."

Mia Dzis, 20, Dundrum:

n "I think it's a good thing for female employees because they may have trouble getting pregnant later in life and this helps them to plan ahead."

Martha Meyler, 31, South Circular Road:

n "I don't think it's beneficial. It's giving the idea that a family is going to stop your career."

Fiona Mulrine, 28, Ranelagh:

n "I think it's a good thing. I'd be worried that to have a good career, you need to put things like family life on hold. This shows that companies are aware it's an issue. But they could use it to their advantage and turn it around and say 'I'm not letting you do it just yet'."

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