Thursday 20 September 2018

Rozanna Purcell: I'm like a granny, I prefer to bake than party

Rozanna Purcell
Rozanna Purcell

She might be only 24, but model Rozanna Purcell has said she's more like a "granny" than a normal girl her age.

The former Miss Universe Ireland rarely drinks and spends her time in the kitchen, so you won't find her stumbling out of a nightclub at the weekends.

While she's still quite young to be so settled, the Tipperary beauty is more than happy to stay in on a Saturday night.

"I'm the polar opposite of all that, I'm such a granny - sure look at me, I spend all my time baking," the Tipperary beauty said.

"I prefer having people over to my house. I guess I just missed that wild child gene. I don't feel like I'm missing out."

As well as being a top model, Roz is also a culinary success story as she runs her healthy eating blog and is set to release her debut cookbook later this year.


However, it was the fitness fanatic's musician boyfriend Bressie who helped her realise she has a "gift" for grub.

"Sometimes I look at Bressie, who can pick up any instrument and instantly play it, and be so jealous," she told Hot Press Best Of Dublin magazine.

"But then he says 'But you're like that in the kitchen, you can just look at ingredients and put something amazing together'. So it's nice to think of it that way, as a bit of a gift," Roz added.

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