Friday 21 September 2018

Rosanna Davison is no longer the only model nutritionist as Roz goes back to college


Top Irish model and food blogger Roz Purcell
Top Irish model and food blogger Roz Purcell
Rosanna Davison pictured wearing Thomas Sabo Autumn Winter 'Love Bridge' Collection at their Autumn Winter Launch in the Marker Hotel.

Watch out Rosanna Davison - there's another beauty queen with a nutrition qualification in town.

The former Miss World previously said her unique selling point was that she was a pageant queen with a degree in nutrition, but now rival Roz Purcell has gone back to college.

Both catwalk queens have cookbooks set to hit the shelves this year and now Roz (24) is studying to make sure she's also well up on her facts.

"I've gone back to study a course in nutritional therapy, because I had really wanted to do it for ages, and it wasn't anything to do with anything else. I wanted to learn about it and have a stamp," Roz told the Herald.

"I get so many emails every day from people wanting advice and I'd always go back and say, 'Well, I can give the advice of what only works for me and my body, but we're all different and I'm not qualified'.


"So many of my followers listen to every single thing that I say, and I got to the stage where I felt I'd like to do something where I could actually give them the right information.

"I'm studying at the Institute of Health Sciences because, out of all the courses, it's the most up-to-date and it's quite balanced.

"Some can be very old fashioned or some can be extremist, trying to turn you into a veggie.

"I want a general overview of everything and not come out of it biased.

"I'm not specifically into diet - I'm not vegan or strictly paleo, I'm more about whole foods and preparation," she added.

Rosanna (31) previously said she would find it "difficult" to trust someone who wasn't qualified.

"What's important to me is having my nutrition qualification, because it's very easy to bandy about the idea of healthy eating - and I would find it very difficult to take advice from somebody who's not qualified in the area," she said.

"Once you study it, you realise what's healthy and what's not.

"So there's nobody else out there that has my qualification and also has a world title in the beauty area, and can combine them both," she added.

While Rosanna's book, Eat Yourself Beautiful, will hit the shelves next month, Roz will be releasing hers in time for Christmas.

"I'm finishing editing it this month and I can't wait - I don't really feel like I've had a summer yet," Roz said.

"I've so many recipes - over 250 - that they're already looking at a second book."

Both books will be published by Gill & Macmillan - and it remains to be seen who will win the model book wars.

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