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Roll on September...parents admit they can't stand school holidays

PARENTS dread the start of the school summer holidays amid concerns about boredom and childcare, a poll suggests.

It reveals that two in five parents believe the break is too long, with nearly half looking forward to the new school year.

The survey found that 40pc were dreading their children breaking up for the summer.

Of these, more than a third (35pc) said they had not organised childcare for the whole holiday, while nearly half (48pc) are not looking forward to juggling work with minding their children.

There were also concerns about mounting workloads, messy houses, bad weather preventing youngsters from playing outside, the extra costs, busy attractions and keeping children entertained.

Just over two in five (42pc) of the parents questioned for the Hobbycraft poll in Britain -- where school holidays are shorter than they are here -- said that they believe the school summer holidays should be shorter.

And almost half say they find it hard to find ways of keeping children busy.

More than half of parents said they would be taking their children on holiday.


Around two in five are planning on going to the cinema, zoo or other attractions, arranging play dates or taking their children swimming or to play sport.

Almost half (48pc) said there comes a point in the holidays when they have had enough and they begin to looking forward to the new school year.

On average, parents begin looking forward to youngsters going back to school around three weeks and three days into into the summer holidays, the survey suggests.

Hobbycraft chief executive Catriona Marshall said: "For most children, the summer holidays are the best part of the year. For parents, grandparents and childminders it can be a challenge to keep them busy, especially in rainy weather."