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Robin Noble Denison Wilson. Who is he you may ask?

Robin Noble Denison Wilson. Who is he you may ask?

Well for starters he was a fine Irish poet of whose work Austin Clarke said: "He anticipated the richness of the Byzantium poems of Yeats."

He also appears in The Penguin Book of Irish Verse where you can read his poem Enemies and judge for yourself.

Why is there so little known about R.N.D. Wilson?

We do know that he was a Coleraine man and that he went to Trinity College Dublin.

He is also remembered at Rendcomb College (below) in Gloucestershire where he taught English. The difficulty about his life as a poet is that he only found a form of artistic expression half way through his writing career.

Suddenly it was all there; verses that would leave you gasping the first time you would come across them, as if a beautiful car had just flashed past.

Take for instance his poem Enemies. It tells about seeing a swallow panting on the ground, brought down by the wind, but still defying it.

At first reading it looks like any other without much attention to rhyme and rhythm. But look again. In the first verse, 'most of all' rhymes with 'cynical'; and in the second and fourth line 'wisdom is' rhymes with 'analysis'.

Also, in case you don't get it the first time, 'swallows blown' is a half-rhyme with 'the wind's rebellion' as 'word' is with 'stirred'

It is a shame this word music master is not better known.