Sunday 21 January 2018



Cover your ears! Lock up your daughters! For the love of God, somebody warn Niall Horan and chums that there's a new gang in town! Oh yes, British pop-rock pretenders the Vamps are chasing the dream.

A bona-fide YouTube 'sensation' (the Vamps met and formed online), young Brad Simpson and his cohorts made their names singing other people's songs. They've only got one album under their belt, hence, the cover versions loom large over this, a major headlining achievement for the lads.

Kicking off with that speech from The Great Dictator (don't ask), this is a slick, well-produced, 80-minute teaser for what's to come. One Direction with guitars? Maybe. Sleeves are banished (the surfer dude look is in, apparently). Front man Simpson (19) has the pop-star posing and preening nonsense down to a fine art.


Save for a rollicking rendition of Cecelia, however, there's an awful whiff of X Factor about the Vamps' choice of covers (Uptown Funk and Seven Nation Army). They're mimicking their heroes. Indeed, the Vamps have yet to find their voice; their own identity.

When all else fails, they play the cute card. But they're a talented bunch of young fellas - and might get there…eventually. So long as they ditch the Sum 41 segment with Darth Vader on bass!

The originals (Somebody to You, Wild Heart) suggest the Vamps will make a killing out of breezy tunes on lurve, lust and teenage heartache.

They show us videos of their pets (awwww…) and knock us out with their relentless enthusiasm. There's a killer drum solo in the middle, too.

It's a bombastic affair - the music is almost incidental, but hey, if another generation of teenage girls are to lose their minds over a new boy band, it may as well be one that plays their own instruments.


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