Thursday 18 January 2018



There's a DeLorean hanging from the ceiling. As in, the iconic time travel car from Back to the Future. It's one of the films for which we see a trailer before the concert - Bill & Ted are in there, too. Why have McBusted gone to the bother of producing an 80s-themed, movie-centric edition of Reeling in the Years to warm us up? Dunno.

Then again, this is McBusted's Most Excellent Adventure Tour (another reference to masters William and Theodore). To mark the occasion, the chaps have brought along the biggest arcade machine in the world. Like, it's their actual stage set-up, and it's about as big as Downton Abbey. And - get this - it genuinely works. They'll hop up on the joysticks and everything, battling it out at Street Fighter.

Indeed, the Hallowe'en super-group (a fiendishly clever coupling of British guitar pop ensembles McFly and Busted) has had the last laugh.

Here, they are swapping choruses about fancying their teachers and sleeping with the lights on, playing arenas and acting the eejit whilst having the time of their lives.

They're in on the gag - why else would one of the bassists, Dougie Poynter, dress like a one-man Van Halen tribute act and make jokes about "boobies". He's 27. He has to be in on the joke. Even the terrible ones.

It's a pop-punk, boy-band pastiche, too - satirical in both design (circular runway; green hair; 'kiss cam') and performance (the lads eat jellies thrown at them by fans). Crashed the Wedding comes with an actual wedding procession (Harry the hunky drummer leaves his shirt off) and the choreographed Air Hostess air-kicking sequence on the B stage is awesome.

Five guitars, four lead vocals, a whole lotta noise.

Gravel-voiced singer Danny Jones thinks he's The Boss. James Bourne looks permanently dazed, even when riding a bike on stage.

The flying DeLorean skit is amazing. The songs are fab - the playing, superb. Indeed, McBusted's fizzy energy is infectious; their rock-star parody preening nowt short of a hoot. I think we've found a new Spinal Tap. HHHHI

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