Monday 11 December 2017

Revealed: The county that spends the most on engagement rings

One country splashes more dosh than any others in the country.
One country splashes more dosh than any others in the country.

Irish couples are spending less on engagement rings in order to save for the future new research has revealed but that hasn’t put a stop to romantics in Cork who are splashing more dosh than any others in the country.

New research by Littlewoods found that engagement rings costing more than €3500 are sold more frequently in Cork than anywhere else in the country which should spell good news for women living in the Rebel county.

The survey found that the average splash on an engagement ring in the capital is €2,149, while those hoping to get on one knee in Galway are spending €1,449 on the bling.

Cork couples might be spending eye-watering amounts on rings, but in Westmeath an average spend of €729 is enough to prove one’s love, while in Cavan an average of €899 is spent on the ring.

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Despite the figures, the research revealed that couples are more conscious of the money being spent on jewellery than in the past and are opting for cheaper rings in order to save for a home of their own or to kit out their house.

Littlewoods spokesperson Karen Nason said: "A well equipped, comfortable marital home looks like it is now becoming more important than jewellery. It would appear that fine furnishings bring a greater gleam to Irish women’s eyes than any expensive diamond".

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