Wednesday 22 November 2017

Putting cage fighting star through her paces

Evening Herald fitness columnist Pat Henry put international cage-fighting star Gina Carano through her paces while she was filming in Dublin.

"I worked with her in the gym in the Westbury Hotel, every morning at 7am to put her through a workout before she went on to the set of Haywire," Pat recalls.

"She had to be incredibly fit because the film had her running across the roofs of houses and doing energetic stunts," he says.

"Her legs buckled the first time I put her though a set of exercises I have specially devised to get clients to their peak fitness.

"She was stockier than I had expected, and I think when you look at the film you'll see a change for the better in her physique during the parts where she's in Dublin," says Pat.

"She did two training sessions a day and I also changed her diet, making her eat more but different types of foods.

"I met her a week before she started filming here, and trained her for about three weeks in total last January," says Pat.

"I had her doing a lot of light weight training, and arms and legs exercises. I made her stop doing an excessive number of sit-ups as this can result in a wide waist.

"She found my three-phase squat a bit of an effort, but by the end she was complimenting me on how much she got out of it.

"She was terrific to work with, I would have no problem telling a star to go elsewhere if they weren't nice to work with," Pat says.

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