Tuesday 22 May 2018

Past-it panic falls short of claiming another victim

GOD these are lovely dresses, very cute and feminine, but just that little bit too short. I prefer on-the-knee or just below." I said those very words here in Herald HQ some weeks ago while compiling one of our fashion features.

And there was no rewind button -- I had officially outed myself as 'getting older'.

And sadly, this is not an isolated incident. There have been other signs: couple of grey hairs I noticed when I mistakenly dyed my hair auburn; being secretly chuffed at my 20/20 vision; a leaning towards sensible shoes, muttering things like 'if I look after my feet they will look after me'; I don't tweet and I'm not on Facebook, for God's sake, I don't even watch TV.

But I really freaked myself out with the skirt-length comment -- what was to come next? Quaker-style attire and brogues? Well, actually scratch the last bit, brogues are considered trendy in an ironic way.

It didn't take long for my perspective to return. This, after all, was not the end of the world and I haven't got the panic-merchant gene, thanks be to the lamb of Jaysus, because lots of people in their 30s do.

I get some of it -- particularly because many in this thirtysomething generation have put off biggies such as having children and now face having carefully planned lives scuppered by a massive recession, which means children are too bloody expensive to consider.

It's also an age where you remember your 20-something self thinking that by this age you would be married, a parent, have a career etc, oh and not be facing a lifetime of negative equity.

I've come to the conclusion that this is the one time when you should sweat the small stuff right out of your system and let the big stuff sort itself out. And so I reminded myself of two things:

1: I recently bought a ding-dong leather mini which I don't look ridiculous in, and

2: Helen Mirren is a total fox.

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