Sunday 19 November 2017

Oh boy! Are baby girls all the rage?

IS it a boy or a child? That's an old Irish saying -- obviously insinuating that boys were the preferable gender.

A boy is a boy. A baby that will one day become a man, someone to carry on the family name. A girl is just a child. Historically, more difficult to make sure her future was secure and safe. But nowadays it seems that more and more mothers want a baby girl.

A survey by Netmums found that 45pc of mothers secretly wish to give birth to a daughter while only 22pc hope to have a boy.

The prime reason for mothers wanting daughters was because women felt they would "bond and understand" them better.

I guess they didn't take into account the Irish Mammy syndrome and that invisible umbilical cord that exists between Mammies and their sons. Their DNA prevents them from ever believing anyone is good enough for their 'John'.

It used to be that you never knew what you were having until the midwife proclaimed the sex. Then we got all high-tech and you could find out at the scan.

How long before mammies and daddies to be start arranging 'gender reveal' parties?

The sonographer hands you an envelope with the sex of your unborn and you give it to your gender reveal party planner. No peeking now.

And you and your guests stand by for the big reveal.

You just know some women will be disappointed when the balloons bursting from the box are baby blue.

Get your game face on. You're just thrilled it's your fourth boy in a row.

It's all so communal, so 'look at us'. What happened to a little secret between yourselves? It's the Hallmark phenomenon; another money-making racket.

On second thoughts, mammy getting a 'push present'? There's a concept I'm down with.

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