Thursday 18 October 2018

No children at weddings 'should be the rule' says top wedding planner

Weddings are a place for adults and not young kids.

That’s according to wedding planner Tara Fay – and the majority of Irish mums. Tara, who organised Rosanna Davison’s beautiful wedding last summer, told the Herald that despite the fact she has three young children of her own she would not be able to relax and enjoy herself knowing she had to look out for them.

Tara also stressed that she fully believes weddings are for adults and excessive drunkenness around

children is just not on.

“I am very traditional and a bit of a prude, as I don’t believe that children should be around alcohol at all,” Tara said.


She was speaking as parenting website MummyPages.ie surveyed mothers on their thoughts on the issue.

Mums are divided on the controversial topic as 52pc agreed with Tara and said they would not be able to fully relax. However, 69pc

admitted that, ultimately, it was up to the bride and groom as it’s their day.

Only 12pc disagreed with the statement ‘Newborns under six months should automatically be invited’, according to the survey.

However, Tara believes weddings are not a safe place for young babies due to the busy environment.

“I’ve been at weddings where there have been near misses and things have nearly been spilled on babies by accident,” she added.

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