Monday 20 November 2017

New TV they're all talking about responds to your voice commands

TALKING to the TV is usually a sign of mental instability or loneliness -- but TV manufacturers are set to make it a more rational behaviour this year, with a range of sets that respond to speech.

LG Electronics will soon be selling a remote with its high-end flat-panel TVs that contains a microphone.

You'll be able to speak into the microphone to enter text on the TV for Twitter updates and eeb searches. Samsung Electronics also said it would have TVs that responded to voice commands.

In addition, it's launching its first TV with a built-in camera. As you watch the ES8000 set, it will watch you back, looking for hand gestures that prompt it to move the onscreen cursor or launch apps.

The two Korean rivals were the first to show new models at a preview day ahead of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Google Inc has tried to break into the living room with software for smart TVs. So far it has been a flop. But Sony Corp. revealed at the show that it's sticking to Google TV and bringing out a Blu-ray player that runs the software. That player will have a remote with a microphone for voice-powered Web searches.


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