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my perfect weekend

On Friday night I'd: Run a hot bubble bath, light a Yankee candle and soak the week away. After that I'd put my feet up in front of the TV with a takeaway, a glass (or two) of Rioja and catch up on all the recordings of my favourite shows.

My favourite stiff drink is: Captain Morgan but with a twist. I split it with white lemonade and two wedges of lime.

Saturday morning lie-on or gym session: I am definitely guilty of a lie-in at the weekend as I rarely get eight hours sleep during the week and cuddled up under my duvet is a lovely way to recharge the batteries. Once I am up, and after a cup of tea, I always try to hit the gym before lunch so that Saturday night out is guilt free.

My favourite item of clothing is: A simple fitted dress on a night out as you are ready to go all in one. With killer heels and accessories I feel dressed and ready to hit the tiles.

My Saturday night fever: There's nothing better than catching up on a week's gossip over dinner and finishing the night off with cocktails and dancing. Loving Bar 37 at the moment.

My favourite hangover cure: Water, water and more water, before bed and first thing in the morning. Then a brisk walk along Sandymount Strand to get a bit of fresh air and to clear away the cobwebs.

On Sunday I rest by: Chilling out with friends over lunch in Dun Laoghaire. Taking a stroll through the People's Park with a browse through the markets and an ice-cream from Teddy's on the way home.

I'm currently reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. I love a page turner. Once I finish the series I'll give in to the films but I prefer to have the book read before the films, so I have my own vision of the story and characters created.

My last supper: Without doubt would be a trip to Thornton's on Stephen's Green for the eight-course surprise tasting menu. That is my favourite restaurant for a special occasion or a celebration during the year. The food is to die for so after that I would be more than happy to meet my maker.