Saturday 20 January 2018

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Fleet of frugal Fiestas is the answer to our budgetry woes say Ian Mallon

THE one thing that annoys me more than anything else in motoring is how a bunch of overfed and underworked Government Ministers are allowed to travel in such luxury.

Biffo, Hippo and the rest of the ministerial whack jobs are charioted around town while the crippled population lie slumped on the sidewalk, our pockets pilfered to pay for their luxury wagons.

The Green Ministers even insist on having chauffeurdriven luxury limos, despite claiming that cars are bad for the environment -- one of them (guess which one) even cycles everywhere, with his car and driver skulking behind him.

Well, enough is enough.

In cash-rich country's such as Norway, which enjoy highly profitable oil and gas reserves, a small pool of reasonably priced cars are on standby for the government should they need one.

In Ireland, the poorest country in the western world, a fleet of Mercs, BMWs, Audis and Volvos are manned 24 hours a day by armed detectives to fetch pizza, bring the dog for a walk and the wives to the hairdressers.

The cost of this outrageous outgoing is €10m a year, and that is money we don't have to bring Mrs Waffle to the village crimper for the weekly blow dry.

This week I have the perfect solution.

Why not buy a small fleet of Ford Fiesta Styles for Ministers Ahern, Martin, Dempsey, O'Keeffe, and all their privileged buddies? I guarantee that you'd save an absolute fortune.


And despite the size of some of those front bench backsides -- hind of anyone spring to mind? - they would still fit inside the deceptively roomy Fiesta.

The cost of the car would also be more than reasonable, ranging in price from €11,995 to €16,000 including scrappage.

But don't hold your breath motorheads, it's unlikely any of our pampered politicians will give up any privilege for a Fiesta or any lesser car

I, however, did enjoy the delights of the small, but perfectly formed Fiesta recently and was inspired like I've never been for such a compact, basic car.

The Fiesta Style was extremely fast for such a little un, and it was almost massive inside for such a small car.

Comfort-wise it was nice and cosy, and not as basic as I was expecting.

Of course the car is light, but it handled quite superbly and seemed to revel the faster it went.

It's mega economical too - running on a sniff of an oily rag and cheap to tax.

Those who may have their head turned by the Fiesta Style can now avail of a tantalising new Ford scrappage offer available on cars before December 31 - see www.ford.ie for details.

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