Friday 15 December 2017

New Hyundai Veloster should win Noble Peace Prize

IT'S the study that wraps up the oldest argument in motoring, once and for all. Or does it?

Well, according to car park firm, NCP, women are better at parking their cars than men.

The study finds that while it may take women half a day to manoeuvre their car into that space, when the job is eventually completed it will be straight and will have enough room for driver and passenger to alight from the car.

Apparently men drive too fast in car parks which means they miss free bays, while women's slower approach lets them notice spaces better.

And it's little wonder the female motorist was more measured in her approach to parking - it took her on average five seconds longer to park the car.

This amusing study of course only adds more fuel to the fire that is the prickly Men V Women car parking debate.

The real issue has never been whether women can park cars in car parks -- anyone can do that.

The real issue is that women are completely unable to park parallel to the kerb and lengthways between two other cars, which of course we all know they can't.

Now there's one car that even a blind woman on a galloping horse can park and that is the stunning new Hyundai Coupe, complete with its glass rear, and the sharpest and clearest reverse camera I've ever seen.

The original Coupe was one of the defining models of a generation, and along with the Santa Fe helped to establish Hyundai around the globe.

The Coupe was a big favourite in Ireland for it represented the closest thing to an authentic sports car experience at a relatively cheap price.


It was a real Celtic Tiger car for the nouveaux riches kid eager to impress and it wasn't half popular, just as the Santa Fe was with families who had always aspired to own large SUVs but couldn't quite afford them.

Things have changed in Ireland and no-one has any money any more, and the Coupe has been reborn as the Hyundai Veloster.

And just like the original of the species back in the 90s, the Veloster is every bit as innovative now as the old one was back then.

This is a car with just one rear passenger door. And although Mini did something similar a few years back it still was a quirkily brilliant thing to do.

The three doors, glass roofed boot and other delicious extras including aggressive nose and beautiful eye-lash effect front lights all come together to make the most stylish car in its sector.

But best of all is the performance and one of the most responsive 1.6 litre engines I have ever enjoyed.

The Veloster is powered by a 1.6 litre GDI petrol engine, which bangs out around 140 bhps.

The more than adequate power and performance all makes for a very user-friendly kind of car that handles beautifully on the most challenging of tracks.

The Hyundai Veloster will cost you €25,495.

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